Where are you at with your super?

Consolidate your super

Having one super account means you’re only paying one set of fees. This can make a huge difference to your balance when it comes to retirement.

Do you have lost super? Do you have multiple super accounts?

If you have had more than one job, it’s possible that you may have multiple super accounts which may mean you are paying multiple fees.

Options for consolidating your super

Club Super offers an online or over the phone consolidation process that means no paperwork to complete. Simply follow one of the 2 steps below:

  1. Use our online tool to search for your super. Simply log in to Member Online and click the 'Search for My Super' button on the dashboard screen to use the SuperMatch tool.

    The tool will help you search for your lost super (including any amounts held by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)) as well as identify any other super accounts  you may hold in other funds. Within the tool, you can also initiate an online rollover of these funds into your Club Super account
  2. Contact us on 1300 369 330 or info@clubsuper.com.au and we’ll call you back to start your search over the phone.

    If you provide us with your consent to use your Tax File Number, Club Super will search the superannuation records of the ATO to find any super belonging to you. Any amounts held by the ATO will automatically transfer into your Club Super account. If you have any amounts held with other funds, Club Super will then request your consent to initiate a transfer of this super into your Club Super account.

Please note that your consent to search will remain in place unless you advise us that you would like to revoke it. There are certain terms and conditions which cover the rights and obligations of you and Club Super in relation to your consent to transfer electronically. Club Super may contact you in the future about consolidating your super over the phone.

Understanding the impact of transferring your benefits

Under either option 1 or 2, before transferring your other super into Club Super, please ensure:

  • that you are aware you may ask the Trustee of your previous superannuation fund for information about any fees or charges that may apply, or any other information about the effect this transfer may have on your benefits, and that you do not require any further information;
  • that you understand that any insurance benefit you had in the previous fund may cease upon transfer and that the previous fund may charge fees to effect this transfer;
  • that you understand that there may be different fees and product features between the funds that you’re transferring from and Club Super;
  • that you are aware that upon consenting to the transfer, you will be discharging the Trustee of the previous superannuation fund of all further liability in respect of the benefits paid and transferred to Club Super.

If you provide your verbal consent for us to transfer your other super into Club Super, these are the terms and conditions which apply between Club Super and yourself:

  • You (as the member) shall not be liable for any losses arising from:

    • fraudulent or negligent conduct of Club Super employees or agents in relation to a transaction; and

    • Club Super’s system or equipment malfunctioning, including non-completion of transactions and unreasonable delays in carrying out your valid instructions; and

    • any unauthorised transaction where you have not contributed to such a loss; and

    • any unauthorised transaction occurring after you have notified Club Super that the security of your identifier has been breached.

  • If you commit fraudulent conduct in relation to a transaction and you suffer losses as a consequence, Club Super will not be liable for those losses.

  • Any other losses incurred as part of this transaction that are not the result of fraudulent conduct by yourself will be considered by Club Super and any allocation of loss will be documented and provided to you in writing. Any allocation of loss will not exceed the total amount of your benefits in the fund. Factors that we will consider include the degree to which you contributed to the loss.

  • Club Super is not responsible for any investment losses incurred by delays on the part of the transferring fund.

  • The investment option that the transfer will be invested in will either be the option you have chosen for future contributions (if any) or Club Super’s MySuper option, if you have not chosen an investment option.

  • The date utilised for the allocation of the transfer to your account will be the first day that all complete relevant information and funds have been received by the fund.

Your privacy is important to us

When your personal details are provided to Club Super, they are securely stored and are accessible only to authorised personnel and third parties for the purpose of administering your account. View Club Super's Privacy policy here, or call us on 1300 369 330 for a copy of the privacy policy.