Where are you at with your super?

Manage your super

There are several different ways you can contribute to your super to boost your retirement savings further.

Keep your super account up-to-date, rollover other super into Club Super and take us with you if you change jobs.

About Member Online

Member Online makes keeping on top of your super easy.

Consolidate your super

Having one super account means you’re only paying one set of fees. This may make a huge difference to your balance when it comes to retirement.

Updating your details

Providing us with your current details will enable us to keep you up-to-date with your super account.

Changing jobs

We understand that life is all about change. So if you move to another job you can take your Club Super membership with you.

Accessing your super

Super is there to help you save for retirement, so there are some rules restricting when you can access your super.