Where are you at with your super?


Many of us insure our house and car but forget our greatest asset: our own lives and our ability to earn an income.

Even the most carefully made financial plans can fail due to unexpected circumstances. So it makes sense to have a safety net in place. Having the right insurance cover can ensure a tragedy will not be made worse by financial burden.

Fortunately you can access Death cover, Total and Permanent Disablement cover and Income Protection insurance through your Club Super membership. In fact you may find that you’re already covered because of automatic insurance cover.1

Why have insurance through your super?

  • It’s often cheaper because super funds have access to group insurance discounts
  • Insurance fees are paid from your super account, not your after-tax income
  • You can get the cover you need for you and your family, even if money is tight
  • It’s easy to manage because insurance fees are automatically deducted from your super account

Death cover

What if you didn’t make it home from work tonight? Ensuring your partner and family are financially secure if the worst happens is important.

Death cover will pay a lump sum to your dependants in the event of your death.

Total and Permanent Disablement cover

How would you pay off the mortgage and support your family if you became totally and permanently disabled?

Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover will give you a lump sum payout to assist with living expenses and debts.

Income Protection (SalarySafe) cover

If you weren’t able to work for an extended period, how would you continue to pay for your house, car, food, or school fees? Your income is your most important financial asset and that’s why you need Income Protection insurance to cover it.

SalarySafe, Club Super’s Income Protection cover is designed to provide you with a fortnightly income if, through sickness or injury, you are unable to work.

Nominate Beneficiaries

Superannuation may be your largest asset, so it’s important to decide who will receive your super in the event of your death.

Key Life Events

Adjusting your level of insurance cover with life’s big events is simple with Club Super. Whether it’s getting married, having a child, or buying a home, you can take up one additional unit of Death and TPD cover to match where you are in life.2

How much insurance is enough?

It’s important to have the right amount of cover for your situation. If you need help working this out, we’ve got you covered.

Customise your insurance

  • Application to Change Income Protection Insurance (SalarySafe) 73.32 KB PDF

  • Insurance Cover Form 164.38 KB PDF

  • Request to cancel insurance cover 67.81 KB PDF

  • Request to Decrease Insurance Cover 65.56 KB PDF

  • Short form underwriting 83.36 KB PDF


Make a claim

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1 Automatic insurance cover is only available on first joining Club Super and terms and conditions apply. Please read the Club Super Additional Information - Insurance in your super document for more information.

You cannot exercise this option if CommInsure has previously declined an application to increase your cover under this policy.