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Our mission at Club Super is to deliver successful retirement outcomes for our members.


We offer our members a Superannuation Account, to help them save for their retirement, and Club Income Stream options for those either transitioning to retirement or fully retired.


Club Super also offers a wide range of member options and benefits, such as eight Investment Choices, excellent Insurance benefits, Financial Planning and ancillary benefits. 


We have recently launched a rewards program aimed at rewarding you today...and tomorrow! Find out how you can start being rewarded today.


To find out more about being a member of a super fund that is run only to benefit you, click through the sections in the Members menu to the left.


At Club Super, we are right beside you...

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Here are some great ideas on how to take control of your super and make a plan for your future.

SalarySafe is an income protection package that provides up to 100% of your income plus your compulsory Superannuation Guarantee contributions in the event that you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.