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Escalator up, elevator down - investments 101

It’s often said that markets take the escalator up and the elevator down. The share market generally has minor ups and downs each year, but every now and then it has a significant plunge, before gradually climbing up that escalator again.

When this happens, it may seem rather doom and gloom, but reacting and making rash decisions without careful consideration could disadvantage your retirement savings. If you hop off the elevator at the ground floor you may be locking in your losses.

What does this mean for your super?

Most superannuation funds have an allocation to Australian and global shares and are impacted by this volatility. For Club Super, most of our members are invested in diversified options, such as the Club MySuper option, in which shares only form part of a range of assets which make up the returns for this option. Our investments are spread across a range of asset classes of both a growth and defensive nature.

Club Super’s diversified investment portfolios are designed to help minimise the impacts of market volatility. However, the portfolios are not immune to the impacts of market volatility and we will likely see the impacts of volatility from time to time.

What you can do

  1. Focus on your chosen long-term risk profile and underlying investment options rather than reacting to short term market fluctuations; and
  2. Give careful consideration before switching your investment options now as it may result in a reduction of the value of your superannuation. It will be very difficult to correctly time a switch back to your original investment options in order to recover any lost value once investment markets stabilise again.

We’re right beside you

If you would like to review your chosen level of risk, YourSuperFuture1 is an easy to use online advice tool which can evaluate your risk profile. You can access this tool at no extra cost by logging into Member Online.

If you have any questions regarding your super, please call us on 1300 369 330 or email info@clubsuper.com.au


Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

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