Where are you at with your super?


SuperClub is a rewards program aimed at rewarding Club Super members today.

Don’t wait until you retire to be rewarded by your super fund. The Club Super SuperClub is a rewards program aimed at rewarding you today…as well as tomorrow, by giving you access to a range of discounts and benefits from participating clubs as well as discounts on other tours, activities, and attractions throughout Queensland.

Best of all, SuperClub is available to all Club Super members at no extra cost!

New deals will be sent to Club Super members by email every few months for you to enjoy – so keep an eye out.

SuperClub deals partnered with Experience OZ

Club Super have teamed up with Experience Oz to bring you savings on the best attractions, day tours, wildlife tours, reef tours, theme parks, extreme activities, whale watching, white water rafting, skydiving and many other things to do in some of the most popular travel destinations in Queensland.

Haven’t received an email with these deals?

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