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SuperClub is the rewards program rewarding your industry today...and tomorrow!


Joining SuperClub is a great way to help your industry and business grow. It also helps to reward your staff with benefits they can access now, not only at your own club but at others as well.


Best of all, SuperClub is available to all Club Super members at no additional cost!


How does SuperClub work?


SuperClub is super easy!

  1. Get in contact with your dedicated Client Services Manager, who can arrange to have your discount or benefit offered in an upcoming email broadcast to Club Super members.
  2. Club Super members present their SuperClub card at your club to receive the discount or benefit.

Whether it be discounts on food, drink, a round of golf or a game of bowls, it's entirely up to you!


How do I register?


Simply get in contact with your dedicated client services manager to register your interest. We'll let you know if your deal is featured in an upcoming broadcast.


Brenda Gormley

Client Services Manager

P 07 3238 1265



Tanja Prell

Client Services Manager

P 07 3238 1261



Phil Toma

Client Services Manager

P 07 3238 1483


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