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Payment Methods

There are a number of different options available for you to pay your contributions to Club Super:


Clearing House

Club Super has an arrangement to use QuickSuper, which is a one-stop shop that lets you make all your superannuation payments to one place. Employers who qualify to use the Clearing House service will be able to make all their superannuation contributions for all their employees in one easy step.



Your Club Super Employer Biller Code and the reference number is available when you log into Employer Online or by phoning the Fund on 1300 369 330. Payments are made from your bank account to Club Super using internet or phone banking. Contact your financial institution to check you can make payments via BPAY. You can pay via BPAY if you use Employer Online or the Contribution Remittance.


Direct Debit

Once you submit your Contribution Remittance via Employer Online, we will submit a Direct Debit to your bank account for the total amount of the payment. This payment method is suitable for Contribution Remittance submitted via Employer Online.



Contact Club Super for account details. This payment method is suitable if you use Employer Online; Electronic Data Interface (EDI) or the Contribution Remittance.