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You can raise issues directly with the Club Super Board of Trustees (the Board)

You can already raise queries or complaints about your account, or the operation of Club Super, at any time here.

Such queries or complaints are responded to by Club Super’s appointed administrator (Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers Pty Ltd), though complaints are overseen by the Board.

Club Super is now providing members with the opportunity to have any queries you may have about the Fund, considered directly by the Board. You may lodge your enquiry in writing to PO Box 10726, Brisbane Adelaide Street, Qld, 4000, via email info@clubsuper.com.au (marked 'Board enquiry') or by submitting your query on this page. Please ensure any queries are submitted by 14 November 2018, and they will be considered by the Board at their meeting on 5 December 2018. Following the meeting, the Board will respond.

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